A private 5-hour tour in the Bay of Pag

Join us for an excellent tour through Pag Bay, where you will experience breathtaking scenery and swim on beaches that are only accessible by sea. During our tour we will visit the most beautiful beaches and swim in the crystal-clear waters. We will take you to one of the many hidden caves where you will have the opportunity to explore and walk through a 30-meter hidden passage. We plan to take 3-4 breaks for swimming depending on your wishes.

Will we be alone on the boat?
Yes, of course. When you arrange a private boat tour with us, you will have the boat entirely to yourself.
Does the price of the tour depend on the number of people?
No. The price of the boat tour is fixed regardless of the number of people on board. The maximum capacity is 13 people plus the skipper.
How much will the fuel cost?
The price of fuel is included in the price of the tour.
Do we get drinks and food on board?
Our crew will welcome you on board with a drink but please note that we do not offer any further options for ordering food and drinks on board.